The {almost} bike ride

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride. – John F Kennedy

We had planned a long ride with the team this morning down the south coast towards Waterfall and possibly on to Sublime Point.  We were aiming for 50km with the potential to double it based on how we felt at the halfway point.

As we got up at 5am still sore from the previous day and loaded the car with bikes, gear and nutrition my mind was somewhere between excited and scared for the few hours that lie ahead.  Just as I took the first bite of my peanut butter & jam sandwich, J turns the key and we hear the clicking of a dead battery.  He tries a few more times and in silence we begin unloading and carrying our bikes back upstairs.  It’s as if someone hit rewind and 5 minutes later I was back in my pjs crawling into bed to catch up on my sleep.  After banking another 3 hours (!!) of sleep and having a nice video chat with mom and sisters, we headed to our local café for brunch.

The picture sent to the coach at 5am when the car wouldn't start!
The picture sent to the coach at 5am when the car wouldn’t start! needed proof we tried!!

Unfortunately, while we were enjoying the gorgeous Sydney day a local group of cyclists were experiencing every cyclist’s nightmare.  A pack of cyclists were hit on their way home from a long ride sending six to the hospital.  Thankfully there are no fatalities, other than their bikes.  Though we weren’t planning to ride the same route, it’s only natural that a crash so close to home causes us to pause a little longer.

Over the last six months, I have become extremely aware of cyclists, road conditions and aggressive drivers.  I’m happy when I find a road with an exceptional bike path (Bourke Street) or when plans are published to build new lit bike paths (Centennial Park)!  Though Sydney is moving towards safer conditions, the change is quite slow and shouldn’t require a large accident to spark conversations.

My thoughts are with those affected in this horrific event.  Tuesday I will clip in before the sun comes up and ride the streets of Sydney with my team.  I can only hope drivers finally realize they share the road and put themselves in the cyclist place before making a rash decision.


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