Weekly Training Recap 11.3.14

As J and I have signed our lives away to training for the next 8 months documenting my weekly training activities will not only keep me accountable but also provide documentation of my Ironman 70.3 journey. The majority of my training will be with a local triathlon group who will provide the structure and coaching at each session.

First glimpse of light in Centennial Park during a morning cycle session
First glimpse of light in Centennial Park during a morning cycle session

Monday: swim 2.8km in 1 hour 8 min.  This was a morning squad swim session where we tried to focus on timing and speed endurance drills.

Tuesday: Track sprint session 10k in 1 hour.  This session focused on building speed with every lap for 2km, resting and repeat.  I wasn’t sure I was following the goal of increasing speed each lap but once I was home and looked at my data I was pretty happy with the effort.

Wednesday: Cycle Hills in the park 17km in 51 minutes.  As I slept in for Tuesday morning hill session with the team, I went and did a hill session in the park on my own.  I did one flat lap and then 3 hill loops and then rode home which is up another hill so 4 hill climbs.

Thursday: Rest day!  I had a work event so when I got home I had just enough time to throw together a mexi bowl for dinner, watch an episode of House of Cards and go to bed!

Friday: stroke correction 2km in 1 hour 18 minutes.  Stroke correction has improved not only how I swim but the distance I can swim without stopping.  I’ll post soon about my swim experiences!  I’m trying to focus on building my upper body strength so I can get more power from my stroke.  I also have a bad case of lifting my head too much…so that’s a battle.

Saturday: Cycle 34km, run 10.5km, ocean swim 2km – all completed in about 4 hours.  Saturday is our big training day with a two hour cycle session followed immediately by an hour run session.  The cycle was a 10km time trial and the run session was interval training in the park.  The ocean swim was the first time I swam laps at Bondi Beach which is quite scary as it’s open and clear water!  Especially for a North Carolinian girl raised in the mountains!  I finished 4 laps parallel to the beach for a total distance of 2km.  I only saw fish at the very end of the swim which I’m quite happy about particularly since this was my first swim in the ocean since the shark!

Sunday:  This turned into an unintentional rest day albeit one that was desperately needed.

weekly snapshot
weekly snapshot from my movescount account

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