Weekly Training Recap 17.3.14

I am not a morning person.  Full stop.  I love going to bed with no alarm set and knowing I can wake up when I’m ready.  J, on the other hand, wakes up at 6 naturally every.single.morning.

Having a training partner who will pull you out of bed is so beneficial.  If you struggle with the morning motivation and don’t always make the best decisions when still in dreamland, find yourself a training partner.  Whether its your sibling, partner, roommate or neighbor, give them full permission to wake you up by any means possible.  Once you are up and out the door, you won’t regret the workout or enjoying the beautiful sunrise while you are finishing off your last set!

Post morning run just as the sun was rising on Bondi Beach
Post morning run just as the sun was rising on Bondi Beach

Monday: swim squad 2.8km.  I took a different bus to this evening session and was a few minutes which made me feel like I was trying to catch up the whole session.  We worked on speed sets and even though I was the slowest, I never regret a swim!

Tuesday: Morning hills in Watson Bay 18.8km.  I’ve been avoiding Tuesday morning hill sessions with the team because I am SO bad at hills.  One of those vicious cycles where to get better you must practice but practicing is so painful so excuses make it easier to skip.  Though I was shattered after the session and was sore for a few days, I definitely felt stronger by Saturday.

Wednesday: morning sprints at Bondi Beach 9km.  We basically sprinted the entire 9km!  The coach said he wanted us to go full out every lap and my heart rate data had it reaching 184bmp so I think I got there!

Thursday & Friday: off days

loving spandex! Heading to saturday sessions in the park!
loving spandex! Heading to saturday sessions in the park!

Saturday: Cycle 47km, run 8.78km, swim 1.9km.  After our 2 hours speed session of cycle we did an hour of running hills.  As I said, I hate hills.  I pushed through as hard as I could and focused on the results I would be getting from running up that hill.  I was also thinking about if I could just get through it I could go sit that the café and enjoy a chai tea….bliss.  The afternoon swim was stroke correction and was perfect way to loosen the body up from the morning pain.

Sunday: walk 3km.  J and I got up early and went for a short walk to loosen our legs and keep the soreness at bay.  The afternoon will have a lot of foam rolling!

training recap
training recap

Have you found a training partner that won’t take your excuses? Or do you have any tips on waking up before the sun?!


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