About Morgan

Eat. Love. Spandex. is a healthy living blog focusing on my pursuit to find a balance between my love of food, adventures of life and the hours a week I spend in spandex training for my first Ironman 70.3.

I’m an American Expat living in Sydney, Australia with my Aussie hub, J.  I’m a working professional who spends hours outside of work training, experimenting with recipes and eating all things dark chocolate!  I grew up in North Carolina and shortly after uni decided to move to Australia on a whim with my girlfriend…7 years later I’m still here!

My battle and journey with a healthy lifestyle started throughout college.  I gained weight slowly throughout the 3.5 year I spent at uni but as I started out small I believed I was just ‘growing up.’  A series of unfortunate events and being thrown into the real world really put me in a tail spin.  Hindsight being 20/20 I now see working from home, living alone while all my friends were still at uni and unhealthy habits were not conducive to healthy decisions.  I did realize I needed to get out of the current situation which led to the best decision of my life, moving to Australia.

In 2007, I moved to Wollongong with my friend for a year and a half.  For the first 6 months we planned to nanny two kids (which is a crazy story) and then were starting graduate school.  I didn’t weigh myself in 2007 but based on my clothes size I know I was big and somehow continued to make excuses as to why.  When I had to go to the doctor for my student visa, the scale hit me like a ton of bricks.  It was actually in kilograms so I doubted for a few minutes before I googled the conversion!

J and I had just started dating and something just clicked, I joined a gym and started the 12 week challenge they were running.  In those 12 weeks I lost about 22 pounds.  I continued to lose more slowly the rest of the year and ended 2008 down about 30 pounds.  In the last 5 years, I have maintained the weight loss and have gone down a further 5+ pounds.

I was never an athletic child, adolescent or young adult. I remember taking the presidential fitness class in elementary and middle school and the only part I really excelled was the V-sit because I was flexible!  The mile run during PE was the worst!  I was a dancer and cheerleader so I was active but asking me to run was like  asking me to walk through fire….not happening.  In 2009 I decided I wanted to get past the mental block of running and see if I could fall in love with it.  I started with running 30 seconds at a time and built up to running straight for 30 minutes.  Over time I’ve built those 30 minutes up and have run a handful of races including a half marathon and am now focusing on triathlons.

I’ve learned so much through reading blogs and  want to show how I balance a full time job, a healthy lifestyle, being a wife and still find ways to indulge and enjoy life!  I’m not the fastest athlete but hopefully you will find inspiration or entertainment from my blog.

Thanks for stopping by!


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