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Weekly Training Recap & Sunday Reads

This past week was a bit rough on the training schedule.  In all honesty, I just wasn’t in the zone.  J was in Hong Kong the whole week which was contributing to my lack of sleep.  The early morning sessions are so much harder at the moment with the sun not coming up until 7am and then with the lack of sleep and empty bed, I chose to roll over pretty much every morning!  The weather this week was also crazy – though the rain is no excuse when it’s been pouring all day it really affects mood.  Training like this won’t get me to the finish line in a few months, but sometimes having a few days of relaxed training helps your mind refresh!

Sunset during my Thursday run post storm
Sunset during my Thursday run post storm

Monday: off.  I did at least try  to make it to swim practice. I packed all my swim stuff except for my swimsuit which I realized on the way!

Tuesday: Yoga – this was a session at the local lululemon and I thought it was just a good stretch but the next morning my upper body was so sore!  All the attempts at the crow and dolphin really killed my arms!  To clarify, I cannot do the crow but the girl next to me balanced there the whole time I was trying.

Wednesday: off

Thursday: Evening hill run at bondi – 10.2km.  Hill loops are full of pain but definitely bring results.

Friday: off

Saturday: Morning fartlek run session – 12km.  Cycle – 5km to and from run sessions. Fartlek runs are when you vary the speeds so for example fast run for 5 mins and slow recovery run for 5 minutes, and repeat.  This session varied the length of the sprint runs between 3, 2 and 1 minute.

Sunday: J came home! We went out to breakfast and then just hung out the whole day.


Here are a few short articles that I found interesting on my Sunday relax day:

19 Signs You Have An Incurable Case of Wanderlust – when reading this list I think I said “yep, yep, omg yes!” to nearly every point.  Luckily, J totally has it too.

The Best TED Talks for Fitness, Health, and Happiness Inspiration – I really enjoyed the first one by Christopher McDougall, author of Born to Run.

5 Lessons You Can Learn from Claire Underwood – I love House of Cards and Claire tends to shock me every episode.  Though she is crazy, the article does pull out her good qualities!

Brene Brown: How To Be Less Critical – great article on why we are so judgmental and how to take small steps to change.

These Stunning City Skylines Will Give You Another Reason To Travel The World, Right Now – Basically, the cities on our travel list…Sydney is included in the list though!

How did your training go this week?  Or any other interesting or inspiring articles out there?