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Coping with sleeplessness

Sleep is really a miracle drug without any side effect. Absolutely everything gets better with sleep. –Arianna Huffington

Get back here you silly little sandman…

Seriously, Mr Sandman, get back here.

The past few days I have battled sleep.  I feel like I have gone back to college days of late nights and horrible sleep.  I walked through Monday with the foggiest, heaviest mind.  I need a solid 8 hours of sleep and definitely notice when I’ve gone to bed even an hour later than normal.

Hong Kong at dawn
Hong Kong at dawn

In an effort of silencing my anxious mind and body I went to a yoga class at the local Lululemon tonight.  The theme of the night was mindfulness.  Focusing on the moment and training your mind to release thoughts which is something I struggle against.  I replay moments and scenarios continually in mind analysing whether my words or actions were the most effective.  Though I do love my analytical mind, having the ability to turn it off and have silence is something I crave.


Here are ways I try to battle the never-ending thoughts and ultimately find peace and sleep:

  • Running – when I’m pushing through hills or sprints I am putting my whole self into that moment. I’m actually running the stress and anxiety out of my body.  At the end of a good run, though I feel shattered I also have a weightless feeling which follows me throughout my day.
  • Yoga or a few sun salutations – going to a great yoga class or through a few sun salutations helps to center my body and breathing.  Even sitting and focusing on your breathe will help ease tension.
  • Cup of tea – I’m a tea fanatic but the best to help me relax is peppermint.  We have a mint plant, though it’s struggling currently, and I will crunch a few leaves and steep in hot water.  Peppermint tea also has health benefits from headaches to stomach issues.
  • Foam rolling – I hold a lot of tension in my back, shoulders and neck.  Using the foam roller or a tennis ball to provide pressure and release the tension allows a deeper relaxation
  • Focusing on solid white – this is something J had me do while at Uni to help calm my mind and sleep.  I tend to have very vivid thoughts and dreams so when I am trying to fall asleep I will focus on a white sheet covering all thoughts & images.  It’s basically like I’m pulling a shade down behind my eyelids and only focusing on keeping the shade down.

Any other tips of relieving anxiety and finding sleep?