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Weekly Training Recap 31 March

Start by doing what is necessary; then do what is possible; and suddenly you’re doing the impossible. – Saint Francis of Assisi

My training for last week somehow didn’t seem extraordinary but when I look at the figures on paper I managed to accomplish quite a lot!  Though on Monday I was talking to mom about what I did and realized the distances I covered in one week are nearly the exact same distances I will cover in one race in November.  Gulp. Bit by bit I will get there hey?!

Church Point after Sunday Morning ride

As I’m recapping the last weeks training progress I’m keenly aware of how little I’ve done this week.  I still have Saturday and Sunday to pull out some hard sessions but my duration and distances will not compare.  It’s all down to my focus – exciting things are happening in the next week I could not reign in my mind.  How am I supposed to wake up at 4:30am when in a week I get to see my family!  I know, those two events are not related but ask me anything at that time and I’m likely to pull out crazy linkages.  Additionally, I’ve ordered a new bike and have now put a mental block on riding until I’m on my new bike.  I will push through this weekend since I have training planned for Saturday and have just found out I’m doing a triathlon on Sunday.  I guess I’ll have to do a repeat farewell bike ride.

Monday: evening swim squad 2.2km.  This session was focused on maintaining speed and accuracy.  I’m not a fast swimmer so once the laps got down to 1 min per 50m I’m not 100% sure I was maintaining.  We ended the evening working on flip turns.  So though I am slow I can flip turn like a pro!  Basically comes down to those summers spent swimming as a kid and trying to do as many flips as I could in one breath.  #istillgotit

Tuesday: off

beautiful morning at Bondi Beach
beautiful morning at Bondi Beach

Wednesday: morning run session at Bondi Beach 12.6km.  This was an amazing run before the sun came up.  Interval runs down the promenade building speed from 80% to 100% and then a cool down 100m jog before repeating.  We finished with barefoot run throughs in the sand.  If you have a chance to ever run near a beach, I highly recommend after the run walking through the sand barefoot.  I love the soft, cool sand on my hot feet!  We walked to the bus stop with the ocean water up to our knees.  Amazing.

J heading out on his ride in the darkness
J heading out on his ride in the darkness

Thursday: morning cycle session 33km.  This was the last Thursday before daylight savings so since the park was pitch black we rode down to La Perouse and back.  It’s a fairly flat ride with small hills and one large hill at LaPa.  The ride back I stuck to the back tire of my coach and felt like I was going so fast.  Based on my heart rate data, I was pushing hard for the majority of the ride.

Friday: off

Church Point looking across to Salt Pan Cove
Church Point looking across to Salt Pan Cove

Saturday: cycle 6km. run 10.26km.  My cycle was just the commute to and from the park from my run session.  I was headed down to the Saturday morning cycle session when halfway there I realized my helmet was at home.  I couldn’t have made it home and back in time for the start of training so I went home to sleep for another 2 hours until the sun came up and the run session started!  We ran away from the park for 30 minutes and then ran back in the second 30 minutes.  The goal was to negative split – so get back from our turnaround quicker than it took us to get there.  The tricky part was the route going out was mainly downhill so coming back was brutal.  I was able to negative split by 30 seconds though.  I’ll take it!

After 50km on the bike!
After 50km on the bike!

Sunday: Cycle 50.3km.  We drove up to the Northern part of Sydney at 5am and met our group at 5am.  We rode from Mona Vale to West Head which is part of the Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park.  The views were beautiful and since it was daylight savings we started with the sun.  The ride out of Mona Vale didn’t seem too bad but out on West Head road the peaks just kept coming. Then we finished it off with a ride down to Akuna Bay and the slow painful climb of 150 meters over 2.5km.  The ride back to Mona Vale was all downhill and rainy.  With the rain we hit halfway back to the car, I was so glad I didn’t loop around for another 20km.  J and I loaded the car back up, grabbed some soy chais from the café and drove home to relax the rest of the day!

training 6 april


Weekly Training Recap & Sunday Reads

This past week was a bit rough on the training schedule.  In all honesty, I just wasn’t in the zone.  J was in Hong Kong the whole week which was contributing to my lack of sleep.  The early morning sessions are so much harder at the moment with the sun not coming up until 7am and then with the lack of sleep and empty bed, I chose to roll over pretty much every morning!  The weather this week was also crazy – though the rain is no excuse when it’s been pouring all day it really affects mood.  Training like this won’t get me to the finish line in a few months, but sometimes having a few days of relaxed training helps your mind refresh!

Sunset during my Thursday run post storm
Sunset during my Thursday run post storm

Monday: off.  I did at least try  to make it to swim practice. I packed all my swim stuff except for my swimsuit which I realized on the way!

Tuesday: Yoga – this was a session at the local lululemon and I thought it was just a good stretch but the next morning my upper body was so sore!  All the attempts at the crow and dolphin really killed my arms!  To clarify, I cannot do the crow but the girl next to me balanced there the whole time I was trying.

Wednesday: off

Thursday: Evening hill run at bondi – 10.2km.  Hill loops are full of pain but definitely bring results.

Friday: off

Saturday: Morning fartlek run session – 12km.  Cycle – 5km to and from run sessions. Fartlek runs are when you vary the speeds so for example fast run for 5 mins and slow recovery run for 5 minutes, and repeat.  This session varied the length of the sprint runs between 3, 2 and 1 minute.

Sunday: J came home! We went out to breakfast and then just hung out the whole day.


Here are a few short articles that I found interesting on my Sunday relax day:

19 Signs You Have An Incurable Case of Wanderlust – when reading this list I think I said “yep, yep, omg yes!” to nearly every point.  Luckily, J totally has it too.

The Best TED Talks for Fitness, Health, and Happiness Inspiration – I really enjoyed the first one by Christopher McDougall, author of Born to Run.

5 Lessons You Can Learn from Claire Underwood – I love House of Cards and Claire tends to shock me every episode.  Though she is crazy, the article does pull out her good qualities!

Brene Brown: How To Be Less Critical – great article on why we are so judgmental and how to take small steps to change.

These Stunning City Skylines Will Give You Another Reason To Travel The World, Right Now – Basically, the cities on our travel list…Sydney is included in the list though!

How did your training go this week?  Or any other interesting or inspiring articles out there?

Weekly Training Recap 17.3.14

I am not a morning person.  Full stop.  I love going to bed with no alarm set and knowing I can wake up when I’m ready.  J, on the other hand, wakes up at 6 naturally every.single.morning.

Having a training partner who will pull you out of bed is so beneficial.  If you struggle with the morning motivation and don’t always make the best decisions when still in dreamland, find yourself a training partner.  Whether its your sibling, partner, roommate or neighbor, give them full permission to wake you up by any means possible.  Once you are up and out the door, you won’t regret the workout or enjoying the beautiful sunrise while you are finishing off your last set!

Post morning run just as the sun was rising on Bondi Beach
Post morning run just as the sun was rising on Bondi Beach

Monday: swim squad 2.8km.  I took a different bus to this evening session and was a few minutes which made me feel like I was trying to catch up the whole session.  We worked on speed sets and even though I was the slowest, I never regret a swim!

Tuesday: Morning hills in Watson Bay 18.8km.  I’ve been avoiding Tuesday morning hill sessions with the team because I am SO bad at hills.  One of those vicious cycles where to get better you must practice but practicing is so painful so excuses make it easier to skip.  Though I was shattered after the session and was sore for a few days, I definitely felt stronger by Saturday.

Wednesday: morning sprints at Bondi Beach 9km.  We basically sprinted the entire 9km!  The coach said he wanted us to go full out every lap and my heart rate data had it reaching 184bmp so I think I got there!

Thursday & Friday: off days

loving spandex! Heading to saturday sessions in the park!
loving spandex! Heading to saturday sessions in the park!

Saturday: Cycle 47km, run 8.78km, swim 1.9km.  After our 2 hours speed session of cycle we did an hour of running hills.  As I said, I hate hills.  I pushed through as hard as I could and focused on the results I would be getting from running up that hill.  I was also thinking about if I could just get through it I could go sit that the café and enjoy a chai tea….bliss.  The afternoon swim was stroke correction and was perfect way to loosen the body up from the morning pain.

Sunday: walk 3km.  J and I got up early and went for a short walk to loosen our legs and keep the soreness at bay.  The afternoon will have a lot of foam rolling!

training recap
training recap

Have you found a training partner that won’t take your excuses? Or do you have any tips on waking up before the sun?!

Weekly Training Recap 11.3.14

As J and I have signed our lives away to training for the next 8 months documenting my weekly training activities will not only keep me accountable but also provide documentation of my Ironman 70.3 journey. The majority of my training will be with a local triathlon group who will provide the structure and coaching at each session.

First glimpse of light in Centennial Park during a morning cycle session
First glimpse of light in Centennial Park during a morning cycle session

Monday: swim 2.8km in 1 hour 8 min.  This was a morning squad swim session where we tried to focus on timing and speed endurance drills.

Tuesday: Track sprint session 10k in 1 hour.  This session focused on building speed with every lap for 2km, resting and repeat.  I wasn’t sure I was following the goal of increasing speed each lap but once I was home and looked at my data I was pretty happy with the effort.

Wednesday: Cycle Hills in the park 17km in 51 minutes.  As I slept in for Tuesday morning hill session with the team, I went and did a hill session in the park on my own.  I did one flat lap and then 3 hill loops and then rode home which is up another hill so 4 hill climbs.

Thursday: Rest day!  I had a work event so when I got home I had just enough time to throw together a mexi bowl for dinner, watch an episode of House of Cards and go to bed!

Friday: stroke correction 2km in 1 hour 18 minutes.  Stroke correction has improved not only how I swim but the distance I can swim without stopping.  I’ll post soon about my swim experiences!  I’m trying to focus on building my upper body strength so I can get more power from my stroke.  I also have a bad case of lifting my head too much…so that’s a battle.

Saturday: Cycle 34km, run 10.5km, ocean swim 2km – all completed in about 4 hours.  Saturday is our big training day with a two hour cycle session followed immediately by an hour run session.  The cycle was a 10km time trial and the run session was interval training in the park.  The ocean swim was the first time I swam laps at Bondi Beach which is quite scary as it’s open and clear water!  Especially for a North Carolinian girl raised in the mountains!  I finished 4 laps parallel to the beach for a total distance of 2km.  I only saw fish at the very end of the swim which I’m quite happy about particularly since this was my first swim in the ocean since the shark!

Sunday:  This turned into an unintentional rest day albeit one that was desperately needed.

weekly snapshot
weekly snapshot from my movescount account